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PlayStation Now Subscription Adds Five PS3 Assassin’s Creed Games Tomorrow, September 15

From I to III.


PlayStation Now Subscription Coming to PS Vita Tomorrow, August 2015 Additions Revealed

Play God of War 3 on your PS Vita.


PlayStation Now UK Prices Revealed, Might Be a Bit Pricey

No monthly subscription available yet.


PS4 Promised Features – Has Sony Delivered?

What did Sony promise during the PS4 reveal, and did they deliver on ‘em? Read on and find out.


PlayStation Now – Expectation vs. Reality

Baby steps toward a revolution.


Examining the Value of PlayStation Now

Is PlayStation Now really a great value for gamers? We break it down.


11 Reasons Why It’s Time You Owned a PS4

Time to upgrade to the PS4! Here’s why.


PlayStation Now Subscription Comes to the US & Canada This Month on PS4

Get access to over 100 PS3 games.


Sony: “Over Two-Thirds of Beta Users are Likely to Recommend PlayStation Now”

“Betas are all about learning.”


Here’s All the PlayStation Now Games Available to Rent in the Open Beta

Open beta extends to other platforms this fall.

Project Morpheus

Sony: ‘There Are 2 or 3 Potential Directions Our Industry Could go’

Streaming, virtual reality, and… sensors?


PlayStation Now Beta Extends to PS4 Starting Tomorrow, May 20th

Beta is still US only.

psnow leak

PS3 Games Seen on PS4 Store, May Indicate Potential PlayStation Now Launch Titles

The speculation continues.


Report: Sony Using Custom PS3s for PlayStation Now, EU Gets Streaming in 2015

It wouldn’t be Sony without a leak.


Sony on PlayStation Now: 5Mbps “Not a Floor”; Launching in US & Canada This Summer

Yep, Koller said Canadians are getting PlayStation Now this summer as well.


Sony on PS3 Games in PlayStation Now: Goal is to Have ” As Much of the Library as We Can”

Will PlayStation Home continue on PS4? “We’ll see.”


The Catch-Up: January 9th, 2014 – Robert Bowling Stops Thieves at Robotoki

Energy Hook coming to PS4 and PS Vita in 2014; 10 things you need to know about PlayStation Now; Shaq Fu 2 happening?


Sony: PlayStation Now “Doesn’t Solve the Backwards Compatibility Situation” on PS4

What if I jiggle around the PS3 disc in my PS4 with a paperclip? Will that work?


Sony Wants PlayStation Now Games to be “as Diverse as Possible,” PS3 Content from 2006-09 Mentioned

Commence Heavenly Sword requests!


Like With PlayStation Plus, GameStop Wants to Work With Sony to Sell PlayStation Now

PS Now is too new for Gamefly to “understand potential impacts.”