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Sleeping Dogs Movie to Star Donnie Yen

Ip Man!


Scrapped Pitch for Sleeping Dogs 2 Tease the Open World Sequel That Never Came to Be

Wei Shen would have returned for this most ambitious follow-up.


Report: Sleeping Dogs Developer United Front Games Has Closed Down

They also made ModNation Racers and LittleBigPlanet Karting.


6 Studios That Followed up Their Debut Game With Something New Entirely

Can you really capture lightning in a bottle?

ultimate triple packs

Square Enix Ultimate Action and Ultimate Stealth Triple Packs Coming to the US

$30 each.

Sleeping Dogs Review - 1

Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition Review – Definitely Not Definitive (PS4)

Might not be as definitive as you think…


Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition Launch Trailer Released

Asian mayhem…


Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition PS4 Gets First Gameplay Footage

Lookin’ good!


Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition Runs at 1080p/30fps, Find Out Everything About the Remaster in New Video

PS4 gameplay gets compared to Xbox 360.


Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition to Get Gameplay Tweaks, Run in 1080p

Punch, punch. Kick, kick.


Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition Confirmed for PS4, Runs at 1080p

24 pieces of DLC will be integrated into the game.


Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition for PS4, Xbox One Outed by Amazon

Releases this October, according to the listing.


Square Enix Briefing Suggests Re-Thinking Long-Term, Large-Scale Development

Sleeping Dogs, Tomb Raider, and Hitman: Absolution recovered development costs.


PlayStation LifeStyle PlayList: May 18th & 19th, 2013 – Ketchup Edition

Someone is playing The Last of Us.


PlayStation LifeStyle PlayList: May 11th & 12th, 2013 – Peanut Butter Edition

What are you playing this weekend?