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The Division’s UI Double Effect Fix Headed to Consoles Next Week

A 1.6GB patch to fix the issue is now out on PC.


The Clickbait Podcast Episode 14 – Is PlayStation VR a Better Deal Than Rift/Vive?

Including such jokes as “The Division? More like “The Subtraction”, amiright?”

The division destiny comparison header

The Division Is Exactly Like Destiny, Except That It Isn’t

How can two things so alike be so different?

The Division 15

The Division Review – Pandemic End Game (PS4)

Is it a shooter? An MMO? Something else entirely?


Ubisoft Increases Efforts to Counter Cheating in Rainbow Six Siege

Meanwhile The Division players report on early cheaters…


Ubisoft Disables The Division “Trained Talent,” Releases Series of Gameplay Tips

Experience gain and drop rates balanced.


Ubisoft Gets Sneaky With The Division Advertisement, Takes Quotes Out of Context

Cheeky, cheeky.

The Division Beta Preview Header

Ubisoft Reiterates That The Division Won’t Have Micro-Transactions

There’s no pay-to-win.

The Division Beta Preview 1

Learn All About The Division’s Skill Tree in New Video

“Customize, upgrade, and specialize your agents.”

The Division Beta Preview Header

The Division Beta Preview – Ubisoft’s Destiny (PS4)

I hope you’ve been vaccinated.

The Division Preview 2

The Division Beta Continues to Experience “Very High Demand,” More Codes Being Sent Out

An update on the waiting list coming soon.


The Clickbait Podcast Ep. 11 – Why the Division Will Fix What Destiny Broke

…but I really wanted to talk about The Witness.


Visit The Division’s Version of Manhattan With Interactive Map

You can get some more info about the game as well.

theVOTE the Division

The VOTE: Still Excited For The Division Despite Its Long Development Time?

Has it deflated your interest or built the hype?


Ubisoft Explains Why Tom Clancy’s The Division is Set in Midtown Manhattan

Only coming with a single borough at launch.


Tom Clancy’s The Division Character Progression, Experience System and Skills Explained

Catering to various play styles.


Players Can Create Up to Four Characters in The Division

You just have to choose which one you want in the Start menu.

the division manhattan

Ubisoft Explains How The Division’s Dynamic Weather and Day-Night Cycle Will Affect Gameplay

The transition from outdoor to indoor will be “seamless.”

The Division E3 2015

Tom Clancy’s The Division Devs Detail Dark Zone Rogue Status, PvP and More

Dark Zone PvP will support more than nine players.


E3 2015 – The Division Hands-On Preview: Quarantined Potential

And next year’s sequel, The Multiplication.