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United States Gaming Industry Generates Over $30 Billion in Revenue for 2016

2016 was a good year for gaming.

Top 10 Video Game Soundtracks 2016

Top 10 Video Game Soundtracks of 2016

The sounds of 2016.

The Division update 1.4

Ubisoft Talks “Live Games” DLC Strategy, Also Clears Up The Division Miscommunication

Online multiplayer fans rejoice!

the division new 555x328

The Division Update 1.5 Includes New World Tier, Weapon Balancing and More

Free for all platforms.


The Division’s Hefty Update 1.4 Goes Live on October 25

For all platforms.

The Division update 1.4

Ubisoft Shares More Details on The Division Update 1.4

Character balancing is key to this upcoming update.

The Division update 1.4

The Division Update 1.4 Will Finally Allow Players to Preview Cosmetic Items

Wonder what other day-one shouldabeens will be included.


The Division Expansions Delayed to Focus on “Improving Core Gameplay Experience”

There have been “lingering issues” since release.

The Division Movie Jessica Chastain

Report: Jessica Chastain to Star in The Division Movie

Probably a better movie than the Watch Dogs movie.

The Division Maintenance Deadeye Bug Fix

The Division Servers Down for Maintenance Tomorrow, Squashing Deadeye Bug

Having fun with that Deadeye bug? Not much longer.


The Division’s Latest Update Increases PvP Weapon Damage

Doesn’t impact skill damage.


The Division’s UI Double Effect Fix Headed to Consoles Next Week

A 1.6GB patch to fix the issue is now out on PC.


The Clickbait Podcast Episode 14 – Is PlayStation VR a Better Deal Than Rift/Vive?

Including such jokes as “The Division? More like “The Subtraction”, amiright?”

The division destiny comparison header

The Division Is Exactly Like Destiny, Except That It Isn’t

How can two things so alike be so different?

The Division 15

The Division Review – Pandemic End Game (PS4)

Is it a shooter? An MMO? Something else entirely?


Ubisoft Increases Efforts to Counter Cheating in Rainbow Six Siege

Meanwhile The Division players report on early cheaters…


Ubisoft Disables The Division “Trained Talent,” Releases Series of Gameplay Tips

Experience gain and drop rates balanced.


Ubisoft Gets Sneaky With The Division Advertisement, Takes Quotes Out of Context

Cheeky, cheeky.

The Division Beta Preview Header

Ubisoft Reiterates That The Division Won’t Have Micro-Transactions

There’s no pay-to-win.

The Division Beta Preview 1

Learn All About The Division’s Skill Tree in New Video

“Customize, upgrade, and specialize your agents.”