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Trophy Theory: The Importance of a Good Trophy List

It’s all about following the cues of the game design.

Trophy Theory – E3 2017 Trophy List

If only we could earn trophies in more than just games.

Trophy Theory – PlayStation Trophy Hunting Resources

The right tools for the job.

Trophy Theory: Letting Go and Accepting Trophy Defeat

Learn from the ones you don’t get.

Trophy Theory: Crazy Things We’ve Done For Trophies

Have you done anything crazier?

Trophy Theory: Trophies, What Are They Good For?

Absolutely nothing?

Trophy Theory: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Online Trophies

The bane of every trophy hunter.

Trophy Theory: Purchasing Trophies in NieR: Automata

Tantalizing alternative or lazy exploit?

Trophy Theory: That First Bronze Trophy

Ding! New feature unlocked!