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wolfenstein prey vr

E3 2018: Wolfenstein and Prey VR Content Announced

Even more Bethesda IP can be beamed right into your eyeballs.

FIFA World Cup 2018 VR

Over Half of World Cup 2018 Matches Will Be Available in VR

Get a closer look at the beautiful game.

Report: Facebook Has Social VR Plans for PlayStation VR, Job Listing Suggests

Spaces is already in beta on Oculus and Vive.

Phil Spencer on VR: This Isn’t “the Time to Be Competitive in This Space”

Console VR remains exclusive to PlayStation.

Project Boundary

Sci-Fi Shooter Project Boundary Announced for PlayStation VR

Adr1ft with guns?

psvr features

VR Survey Says Intent to Buy VR Is High Even With Motion Sickness and Price Concerns

People are also concerned over how they look wearing one.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Producer Supports VR But States That “You Can’t Slap AAA Game on VR”

What AAA game deserves VR support?

Pre-owned Game Sales Enable GameStop to Survive in Consumer Electronics Business, Says CFO

The company is looking forward to VR.

Daily Reaction: Are Gaming Accessories Important? VR, Fight Sticks and Gaming Headsets

Plastic, it’s fantastic.

PlayStation LifeStyle Talks Battlezone PS4 and Virtual Reality With Rebellion

Rebellion talks about the ’80s classic and more with PSLS!

Rebellion: VR Not a Gimmick, Will Stand Alongside “Flat Screen Gaming”

“I don’t think it’s a gimmick”

Yoshida: VR a Powerful New Medium That “Can’t Be Done” With Conventional TVs, Consoles and PCs

Calls VR a “great chance” for indie developers.

Report: Sony’s VR Headset Reveal Happening at GDC 2014 Next Week

We’ll know if this is true on the 18th.

Report: PS4 VR Headset Reveal Happening at GDC 2014

Will it become very real?