“You can call me Osiris. Chris Rah Osiris” The Agency

The Agency is a MMO RPG/Shooter coming to the PS3 and PC. The game is being developed by SOE (of Everquest and Everquest 2 fame). Unlike many MMORPGs which are set in fantasy settings with orcs, trolls, wizards, and the like, The Agency is set in a world of espionage.


You can join one of two factions Unite (suave Bond-type agents, I’ll be one of them) or ParaGon (mercenary types). Your faction will allow you to take on missions. As you complete missions, your rank increases. Eventually you will be able to start an agency of your own with your own operatives. (I personally find that amazing). These operatives can do a myriad of things including designing weapons and accessories/gadgets for you (someone will be building a nice car for me).


Characters will be able to wear one of 6 suits when going on missions. These suits will determine the players class when he or she is on a mission. These suits can be equipped with all of the necessary accessories and custom items that go along with that class. In addition to this suit, you’ll have a suit for your alias. Yes, you really get to have an alias on your missions. From what has been revealed, it can vary from being a suave individual to being a chef. Your aliases will have accessories as well.


My interest in the game is really centered on the way a character advances. In order to gain experience you can always complete a mission. However, on that mission, you’ll gain experience for the particular suit that you’re wearing as well. Not only that, you’ll get experience for the use of the various skills and weapons that you use along the way. The Agency requires you master weapon families to take full advantage of the rarer weapons in the games. Example: If you obtain a rare sniper rifle that gives you a special skill, that special skill could require that you have mastered a skill that you obtain from the use of a lower level sniper rifle.


I’m looking forward to having my character complete missions, obtain intel, and create an organization of my own. With PVP battles and a host of additional features, I hope to see you there as well.


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