Konami ID Registration Walkthrough

Word has spread like wildfire about MGO beta, and with the huge influx of people rushing to create their Konami ID’s and GAME ID’s, it has literally crashed the Konami ID server.

“Due to a period of inactivity…  The page has been deleted”

Wow did that sentence drive me nuts yesterday.

After about 9 hours of trying on and off, I finally got through to register…

Here are some tips to get your Konami ID registered.

Get ready to do some speed typing because anything less will get you the inactivity error.  I recommend using Firefox as your browser, as I also tried with Internet Explorer and it didn’t work as well.

Go to https://id.konami.net/login.do

Click Register

The next page asks you to enter your country (which is already at United States), your language (already set at English), and your Date of Birth.  Click Next

The following page requires you to agree to the Terms and Conditions, so without reading anything click agree.

This next page is where you need to do your speed typing.  I suggest using the tab button to get to each line as fast as possible.  The process (only the required info) will look something like this:

Konami ID (must be 8 characters or over using letters, numbers, and underscores.  Must be lower case letters)

Password (must be 8 characters or over using letters, numbers)

Re-enter password

Mothers Maiden Name

GAME ID (cannot be the same as Konami ID, must be 8 characters or over, must use lower case letters)

GAME ID password (must be 4-32 digit number, NUMBERS ONLY) *use your debit card pin (lol)

Re-enter GAME ID password

Email Address

Re-enter Email address

First Name

Last Name


Zip code



Click next

Now you should be at the confirm screen.

Confirm, and you should receive an email from Konami in the email address you provided.

MAKE SURE to open the email, and click the confirmation link, otherwise your Konami ID will be deactivated after 3-4 days.

NOTE: This guide isn’t guaranteed to work, its only here to provide a heads up, so you can type your info FAST as to avoid the notorious “inactivity error”   Also a couple things may be out of order (I dont think so) as I typed this just going memory…  (Pretty sad thats how many times I attempted registering that I can remember the process step by step)

Feel free to comment.

Good luck to you all.