MGO is Updated AGAIN

MGO will be updated with a new game mode and map today. The game mode will allow a player to take the role of Snake. Bet you didn’t see that coming. The player playing as Snake will have his usual goodies such as the Solid Eye and OctoCamo. The goal while in the role of Snake is to sneak (you know use the stealth and strategy that many refuse to use in the game) around the level and collect dog tags by defeating the other players. The remaining players will still fight on the red team or blue team. Also, when there are more then 10 players in the game, an additional play is able to take the role of Metal Gear Mk II. I currently love team deathmatch mode the best, so this new mode will definitely see some playing time.

The new map is Midtown Maelstrom. it is a mid sized map and should be a great addition to Blood Bath (my favorite) and Gronznyj Grad.  I am impressed with Konami’s ability to make everyone forget about how poorly this beta experience started. A new map and game mode can go a long way to appeasing gamers everywhere. That won’t necessarily affect certain aspects of the gameplay that are being discussed, but…that’ll be in another post. Remember that we will be posting our impressions of the beta soon.

These additions will be available after the server maintenance later today in America and is currently available in Europe. (See Europe, you’re getting everything good these days)

Thanks for reading.