super bomberman r update

New Super Bomberman R Update Adds Characters from Metal Gear, Contra, and More

Konami has announced yet another big update for Super Bomberman R, which includes another big volley of hilarious, Bomberman versions of classic Konami characters. Most importantly, we’re getting the likes of both Solid Snake and Naked Snake from the Metal Gear Solid. Even more than most importantly, David Hayter is back to reprise his role as both characters. Raiden is there too of course, in Revengeance form.

This is a pretty big deal, as the relationship between Konami and Hayter has been pretty unclear after he was unceremoniously dropped from his prolific role in favor of Keifer Sutherland for Metal Gear Solid V. Unfortunately for Konami, Nintendo stole the thunder a bit here by snagging Hayter for Snake’s return in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Still, this is great news for Metal Gear fans, as Super Bomberman R is a great game and only continues to be stuffed with content.

Also coming to the game is a new Mother Base stage, a new Grand Prix game mode, and several other new characters. In the announcement trailer, we see Ebisumaru from the Goemon series, Lance and Billy from Contra, a new Vic Viper variant, and even Ayako Katagiri from the Tokimeki Memorial series. This is all on top of previous updates including characters from CastlevaniaSilent Hill, and even WWE Superstar Xavier Woods.

[Source: Konami]