PlaystationLifestyle Forums Down Temporarily

Over the past week the FORUMS have been running a little slow. I eventually became so frustrated that I reported it. I have just been notified that our site is being worked on due to the problems. We here at apologize for any inconvenience that it may cause. But please have patience and check back soon to see that the forums are up and running again. Notification follows.

Hey all,

Over the past week and a half, forums that are hosted on the Cluster 0 MySQL servers have been experiencing slow speeds during US business hours. This was the direct result of the failure of C0Slave1 which represented a total loss of power just short of 40%.

The solution to this would require the resyncing of C0Slave1 (lasts five hours), which we did just a month ago. So instead of doing that, we have setup a new writing server cluster, now labeled Cluster 4.

Cluster 4 is comprised of existing equipment recycled for this particular use.

If your forum is being moved to C4, you will see a maintenance screen during the move process. We are beginning the transfer NOW so as to lower the strain on C0 immediately and bring forums back up to speed.