Rumor: Dark Mist NOT coming to US

If you are like me, you are jealous that Dark Mist still isnt released to the US PS Store.   It made it to the EU PS Store last month, and over a month ago to the Hong Kong store…  It has left me wondering “when is it coming to the US Store”?

Bad news…  Rumor has it that its not coming to the North America PS Store.  Its unfortunate.  But USA PSN users dont fret too much.  There is a English version of the game in the HK Store…  Heres how to get it…

“But how can I buy it from the Hong Kong Store” you ask? Make a new PSN account and select Hong Kong as your region, with English as your language.

Then hit up play-asia for some HK PSN cards, get yourself a HK$200 card ($29.50 US shipped) and its enough for the game Dark Mist, its expansion, and  enough remaining for a couple PSOne classic.  Not a bad deal, and its a great way to get your hands on some RPG goodness which the PS3 seriously needs.