What do Developers Think of the Events and Media Center?

Apparently they are quite fond of it. At least Ubisoft is. Ubisoft is allowing Beta testers to view the Ubiday. I’m quite excited to hear that this new feature is already being put to use. Those of you out there with the Beta will be able to see what Ubisoft has coming to the gaming community for the remainder of the year. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come from other developers as well. Considering the short amount of time between the release of the feature and its first use, this could only be a positive sign.

This definitely makes me wonder if Sony will allow the current Beta testers to view E3 through Home. Talk about bringing a lot of positive publicity back to the project. What Sony has provided right now is something else that everyone has been clamoring for. What’s that you ask? A means to find out what is going on. Could you imagine having an event to announce the next firmware update in the middle of Home? Or having a voting box in Home for the feature that you’d like to see added next? How would you decide? Well they could give a prototype display in the Center. (All my own speculation)

Thanks for reading.