New Afrika Trailer On Japanese PS Store Shows Exactly What the Game Will Be Like

While you wait for your US PS Store to update, head on over to the Japanese Store.  Freshly updated today, the Japanese PSN store has the new Afrika Trailer available for download.

I highly reccomend you download it, as it gives a real look at what the gameplay will look like.

From what I can see it will have community aspect to it similar to “MySingStar Online” where you can upload photos you’ve taken in game.

There is also a field guide complete with real life pictures of the animal your looking for, or you have already found…

The games graphics is simply astounding.  Without a doubt its the best animal animations and design I have ever witnessed in a video game.

I am really looking forward to this ambitious title.  I hope Sony brings it to the US…

The last shot of the trailer (of a lizard) has got me sold on this game.

If I can locate a youtube video of this trailer, I will upload it here, but still I recommend you download it from the JP PS Store as you will get to enjoy it in full 1080p.

Thanks to our reader moobabe for finding the youtube video for us….