Update 2.40: Is It Tropheriffic?

Before this update ever made it to the PS3 systems around the world, there were plenty of complaints.

  1. Why is there no in-game voice chat?
  2. Why is there no cross game chat?
  3. Why is there no feature for cross game invites?

The list could be longer, but no need to list every single complaint. The article would then turn into little more than a glorified list.

Basically there are plenty of unhappy people with this update. They feel slighted. Are they right? That’s subject to debate. I won’t say that a person shouldn’t want the features that are being asked for. I am a person that would certainly enjoy having all of these features available. The lack of these features shouldn’t taint the accomplishment that is FW 2.40.

In-game messaging is a great feature to have. Would voice chat be nice? Yes. Would I like to see it come? Yes. Does in-game text provide suitable communication for the time being? Of course it does. The major complaint for a time was that people did not want to leave games to respond and check messages from friends. FW 2.40 has provided the means to prevent this from happening. I will not say that texting is as fun as having a conversation with a friend, but it surely beats leaving MGS4 just to read a message that a friend has sent you. I would have to say that this is a good start for phase one.

Now I will talk about trophies. People are upset that they will have to play through games again in order to obtain trophies in games. Do I not remember people saying that trophies/achievements/gamer points allowed a game to increase its replayability? Hmm… isn’t it odd that this is now a problem? We all know that there are cheaters out there. I am not calling you one, but let us face the facts, if you were able to get the achievement before, you can likely do it again. Besides, who wouldn’t want to play SSHD all night long and show up to work an hour late like I did? LoL

Trophies are a lot of fun. As many of you know, I’ve already gotten 10 of them….would have stayed up all night to get the rest, but work got in the way. I enjoy comparing my trophies to my friend’s trophies. You never know who has the ability to get that trophy that you can’t until you check. SSHD may be the only game supporting it, but Sony has said that more titles will be supporting this feature. Uncharted, Socom: Confrontation, Resistance 2, and Little Big Planet to name a few. I can’t wait.

Finally, the custom soundtracks feature has caused quite a stir as well. Some have said that there is no point if you can’t use it in all of your games. Didn’t this feature just get released? Remember, older games had different abilities to access the system than new games. Developers can always patch these older games and expect most of the games going forward to take advantage of all of the features that have been recently released to be seen in the future.

It has been stated that this is a 3 phase process. I am pleased with phase 1 of this process. We received features that we did not have before, the store interface was updated again (thanks for informing us whoelse), and supposedly there has been a slight upgrade to the codec support on the system. I cannot complain. Hopefully you’re all enjoying this update as much as I am. I look forward to the next 2 phases.

This is Chris Rah Osiris signing off. Thanks for reading.

P.S. I’m already almost at level 2. lol