New “Linger In Shadows” Details Emerge

Written by Sev1512

We have new details about the mysterious game/interactive art.

How would you feel, staring deeply into the eyes of this....'thing'?

From the Official PlayStation UK Website:

A dreamlike, seemingly random sequence unfolds before your eyes; then it stops, spools back and starts again. Can you influence it? Can you alter or extend what you have already seen?

A collaboration of hypnotic art, subtle gameplay and invigorating music, there are no rules or traditions in Linger in Shadows. The laws of physics and time are irrelevant. This is not a game in the traditional sense, rather an abstract, interactive experience designed to challenge and captivate your inquisitive mind.

  • Discover the five hidden sigils and unlock the path forward
  • Take control of time and realise the full potential of each scene as it unravel
  • Watch, enjoy, experiment and let the experience wash over you

Hidden Sigils?  Unlocking paths?  This sounds more like a game to me and not just a technical demo, as was previously thought.