Killzone 3 – Trophy Guide

Killzone 3 is the follow up to Guerrilla Games’ 2009 smash hit Killzone 2, with the story picking up right where Killzone 2 left off. The Helghan leader is dead and the ISA are retreating. Unfortunately, the Helghast have other plans. With the addition of PlayStation Move functionality the game takes on a whole new feel. There are 52 trophies to collect which consist of 44 bronze, 4 silver, 3 gold and 1 platinum.

Note 1: This guide assumes that you are playing with the Alternate controller setup.

Note 2: For the purposes of this guide, the hidden trophies will not be hidden.

Platinum (Platinum) Collect all Killzone 3 trophies.

Collect all other trophies in the game.

Ready For Battle – Complete weapons training (Bronze)Complete weapons training in Prologue.

A few minutes into the first chapter you will be required to complete Helghan Weapons training. Once completed the trophy will unlock.

In your Face – First Brutal Melee (Bronze) Performed first Brutal Melee move.

See Hand To Hand Master – Kill 50 Helghast using Brutal Melee.

Time For A Dip – Reach the river (Bronze) Reached the Corinth River with the convoy.

This is story related and can’t be missed. You will get this at the end of chapter 2.

No Witnesses – Destroy all dropships on the Highway (Bronze)Destroyed all dropships on the Highway.

This will be in chapter 2. Shortly after watching the cut-scene where Sev and Rico watch three Helghast collecting green energy, you will come to a fight with two mounted miniguns. make sure you grab one of them by pressing “triangle” and take it with you. You will need it to take out the dropships. Eventually you will meet back up with Narville and the convoy. From this point you will need to follow the Exo across a bridge. This bridge will be where the dropships start coming. There will be four of them in total.

  1. Dropship #1 will show up right after the Exo takes out the Helghan Carrier. The dropship will hover above the first bridge.
  2. Dropship #2 will appear a little further down the road. There will be a roadblock with Helgan soldiers on the left in a broken down building. After you kill a few of them the dropship will appear over the road.
  3. Dropship #3 & #4 will both appear after the convoy clears the roadblock. They will appear at the same time and will fly off one right after the other so you will need to be quick. They will fly off towards the left.

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Mopping Up – Kill 40 Helghast foot soldiers (Bronze) Killed 40 or more Helghast foot soldiers on the beach.

This will be in Senlin Beach on chapter 3. At the start of the mission your vehicle will make its way down the beach while driving through a path of debris and buildings. After a couple turns you will come to a building at the end of the path with a bunch of enemies. Kill all of these enemies before you move on. Your vehicle will then turn right and go forward a bit. At this point you will see two areas with enemies and sandbags. There will also be a tank on the left that will drop off a few enemies. Clear the area of all enemies before you move on. You will then make your way around to the left. There will be some enemy soldiers on the left side as you go around the bend. There will be two gun nests with enemy soldiers running on a walkway above them next. After this you will make your way to the final area. In this area you will be right next to the water. There will be two AA guns and two dropships. Take these out as quick as you can and then clear out all of the ground troops in this area. By the time you leave this area you should have killed enough enemies to unlock the trophy. If not then just reload the chapter and try again.

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Sawn Off – Destroy all chasing APCs (Bronze)Destroyed all chasing SawBlade APCs in the Senlin Beach section.

This will also be in Senlin Beach on chapter 3. Shortly after you take out the AA guns and dropships for the “Mopping Up” trophy you will begin to be chased by enemy APCs. These APCs will try and run into the back of your vehicle. You will need to take out every single one of these to unlock the trophy. Keep your gun aimed behind you the whole time as there are no other enemies to worry about in this area. Focus all of your fire on the APCs.

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Smoking Wrecks – Destroy all Tanks on Senlin Beach (Bronze)Destroyed all the Helghast Tanks in the Senlin Beach section.

This will also be in Senlin Beach on chapter 3. This is the same as “Sawn Off” except this time around you will want to take out every single tank you see. These tanks will mostly be stationary with ground troops around them.

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Save The Intruders – Arc APCs destroyed (Bronze)Successfully assisted with defeating the Arc APCs.

This is story related and can’t be missed. You will get this at the end of chapter 3.

Turn the Tables – Melee Kill a Capture Trooper (Bronze)Killed a Capture Trooper using melee.

Capture Troopers are the the ones that have knives on their hands. They first appear near the end of the Jungle in chapter 4. These will be the enemies that run towards you without shooting at you.

Spiky Personality – Kill a Helghast using a Burster (Bronze) –  Killed a Helghast by shooting a Burster plant.

At the beginning of chapter 4 you will be following a fellow ISA soldier around the jungle. At one point he will tell you to shoot a burster plant to take out an enemy. Do as he says and the trophy will unlock.

Never There – Sneak past Helghast (Bronze)Sneak past all Helghast in the Jungle without alerting any of them.

Make your way through the jungle at the beginning of chapter 4 without alerting any of the enemy soldiers. You will start out by following a fellow ISA soldier. He will show you the ropes of sneaking around the jungle. The trophy will unlock after you reach the the communication station. Here are some tips to help you out:

  1. Take your time
  2. Stick to the shadows
  3. Use burster plants whenever possible
  4. Always kill by head shot
  5. Use the grass as cover whenever possible

ISA TV – Establish communications (Bronze)Made contact with Earth.

This is story related and can’t be missed. You will get this at the end of chapter 4.

Minigunned – Destroy all targets (Bronze)Destroy everything while using the Minigun on the Intruder.

This will be at the beginning of chapter 5. You will start off on an intruder with Rico. Your objective will be to clear off a couple rigs and destroy pretty much everything in sight. While doing this you will see various pipes all over the rig. Most of these pipes will have a blue tint to them, almost alike a blue light. You will need to shoot every one of these blue pipes in order to unlock the trophy. There are three different types of objects to destroy. The first is a blue glass like section of pipe that are located between the rig and the water. You can’t miss them. The second are horizontal pipes coming off the center of the rig on top. The third type are huge upright sections that kind of resemble a silo. You will use “R1” to shoot and “L1″ to zoom in. The trophy will unlock after you have destroyed the two dropships at the end of the section. If you miss any just reload the chapter and try again.

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Aerial Superiority – Kill 5 Helghast while in the air (Bronze) Killed 5 Helghast while airborne using the Jetpack.

At the beginning of the Akmir Rig section of chapter 5 Sev will strap on a jet pack. You will then use the jet pack to navigate the rest of the section. While using the jet pack you can press “L2” to use the thrusters. You can also press “X” while airborne to give yourself a slight boost. You will have a mounted gun that you can fire by pressing “R1” Kill five enemies throughout the rest of the level while airborne to unlock the trophy.

Quick Exit – Escape the Oil Rig quickly (Bronze)Got off the 2nd Rig within 2 minutes.

Once you reach the second rig in the Nilfrost Rig section of chapter 5 you will have to set two charges on the base of the rig. Once you set the charges you will have a little over three minutes to escape the rig before it explodes. Escape in under two minutes to unlock the trophy.

Into The Lair – Reach the cable car (Bronze) Reached the cable car and gained access to Stahl Arms South.

This is story related and can’t be missed. You will get this at the end of chapter 5.

Jail Break – Liberate Narville (Bronze)Liberated Narville from Stahl Arms South.

This is story related and can’t be missed. You will get this during chapter 6.

Go Down And Stay Down – Destroy the ATAC (Bronze)Defeated the ATAC outside the Stahl Arms facility.

This is story related and can’t be missed. You will get this during chapter 6.

Shattered – Destroy all glass in the Labs (Bronze)Destroyed all glass panels in the Stahl Arms South laboratories.

This will be in chapter 6 after you rescue Narville. There are a total of 79 panes of glass to break. The glass panes are green with the a white triangle-shaped symbol in the middle of them. They are also on a small black base attached to the floor that will remain there after you shatter the glass. The glass panes are scattered throughout  five different rooms.

  • Room #1 – This is the room where Narville is held. Once you free Narville you will need to clear out the room and head into the next room. There are no glass panes in this room.
  • Room #2 – This room will have 11 glass panes to destroy. They will all be located in the center of the room.
  • Room #3 – This room is the refrigerated room. There are 4 glass panes in this room. You can’t miss them.
  • Room #4 – This room has a set of stairs and there are no glass panes in here.
  • Room #5 – This room contains 64 glass panes. These are scattered all over the room. There are glass panes on the outer walls and around the center walls. There are also glass panes on the upper level above where you start in the room.

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Iced – Destroy all Ice-Saws and Dropships (Bronze) – Destroy all 4 Helghast Ice-Saws and all 6 Dropships.

At the end of chapter 6 you will be driving an ice vehicle as you escape Stahl Arms. As you make your escape  you will be met with 4 Helghast Ice-Saws and 6 dropships. You will be able to fire on them using “R1” for guns and “R2” for homing missiles. As soon as you see an enemy vehicle in your path spam the “R2” button until it is destroyed. Do this for every Ice-Saw and dropship, and the trophy will unlock at the end of the chapter.

Pinpoint – Kill the Heavy with an StA-14 (Bronze)Killed the Heavy using the StA-14 rifle.

About halfway through chapter 7 you will come across a Heavy with a mini-gun. You will need to kill it with the StA-14 Rifle to unlock the trophy. Luckily, there is one sitting on a gun rack right before you get to the Heavy. Make sure to grab it before you trigger the cut-scene as you wont be able to go back for it after.

You Drive – Drive the Mobile Factory (Bronze)Took over the controls of the Mobile Factory.

This is story related and can’t be missed. You will get this at the end of chapter 7.

Bring It Down – Defeat the MAWLR (Bronze)Defeated the MAWLR defending the Space Elevator.

This is story related and can’t be missed. you will get this at the end of chapter 8.

Completist – Destroy everything on the MAWLR (Bronze)Destroyed every destructible weapon on the MAWLR while on foot and on the Intruder.

In the middle of chapter 8 you will have to take out a number of points on the MAWLR from the ground. You will be given plenty of WASP ammo to do the job. Once you take out everything on foot you will have to take out more objects form the gun on an intruder. You will need to destroy everything that can be destroyed to get the trophy. Here is a great video to help you out:

[youtube width=”560″ height=”349″][/youtube]

Let’s Go Home – Destroyed Stahl’s Cruiser (Gold)Destroyed Stahl’s Cruiser and left the planet on any difficulty.

This is story related and can’t be missed. You will get this when you see the credits continue reading…

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