Final Fantasy XIII Info Landslide

Written by Chris Rah Osiris
Square Enix is Showing the PSP Love
Square Enix is Showing the PSP Love

Plenty of news regarding Final Fantasy XIII came out at Square Enix’s DKΣ3713. There was footage of actual gameplay shown, but we won’t be seeing any of that unless someone leaks it somewhere on the Internet. Let me list the announcements in order of my excitement.

  1. Final Fantasy Agito XIII coming to the PSP
  2. Final Fantasy Versus XIII still PS3 exclusive
  3. Final Fantasy XIII Demo available on the Advent Children Blu-Ray. (So far only confirmed for Japan)

Final Fantasy Agito XIII coming to the PSP is big news because this is further support for the PSP from a major 3rd Party developer. I think this has to be one of the titles that John Koller was talking about in his interview with MTV about the future of the PSP.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII remaining a PS3 exclusive worldwide is great news. In this new world of development, 3rd party exclusives are becoming fewer and fewer. The exposure that FF XIII will get around the world by being multi-platform will make people even more hungry for FF Versus XIII.  Score one for Sony.

The Final Fantasy XIII demo being released February 2009 in Japan is big news. That means that the game is definitely progressing nicely. Plus, the people like me that love to import things will get a chance to play the demo. Sadly, I cannot read Japanese.

Final Fantasy XIII will be released in Japan in 2009.

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