Uncharted Trophy Patch Out Now!!!!!!!!!

Written by Chris Rah Osiris
It Begins...Again
It Begins…Again


It is now out in the US. I know because I just downloaded it. Lol, I will be back after I’m done collecting trophies for hours on end. Bye all. 😉

According to our friend Mc Fadge and a poster on the Official Boards, the trophy patch for Uncharted has been released. The poster on the Official Boards states that the patch is currently available in Europe and is apprx 13MB. There are 47 trophies, 17 hidden trophies, and 1 platinum trophy.

These reports have been confirmed on the official European Boards. So all of my friends in PAL territories, get to downloading and trophy collecting.

Info also available at PSBeyond.

Thanks again for the heads up Mc Fadge