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This Week’s Blu-Cast

August 10, 2008Written by Azariah Ellington II

Written by Chris Rah Osiris
This movie had a great soundtrack.
This movie had a great soundtrack.

We were spoiled back in July. That’s all I can say.

This week has a few titles that you may be interested in. Prison Break: Season Three will be available. I have never watched the show. I need to start at the beginning in order to understand what is going on. Are there any Prison Break fans here?

I had been excited when I originally saw that the Ten Commandments is being released this week. This movie is not the classic with Mr. Heston. It is the TV movie that came on ABC I believe. I didn’t watch it then. I doubt that I will watch it now. Please release the classic Ten Commandments.

Everyone may laugh at me for this, but I am most excited about Belly this week. This movie brings back a lot of memories. I was in middle school and I went over a neighbor’s house. She had called over our friends from the neighborhood and we watched the movie. (I wanted those glowing contacts). The movie night turned into an unscheduled dance party. Life was good. So I’ll be purchasing the movie for the memories. 😉

What movies will you be purchasing this week?

The release list is courtesy of

Release date
Prison Break: Season ThreeAug 12, 2008
Smart PeopleAug 12, 2008
FelonAug 12, 2008
CJ7Aug 12, 2008
Kiss of the Spider Woman: Collector’s EditionAug 12, 2008
Maximum RiskAug 12, 2008
SupernovaAug 12, 2008
BellyAug 12, 2008
7 SecondsAug 12, 2008
The SecretAug 12, 2008
Half Past DeadAug 12, 2008
Sunrise Earth: Seaside CollectionAug 12, 2008