Forums Update

Written by LinuxGuru

Hi everyone, it’s your friendly neighborhood editor bringing you an updated look at our forums. I’d like to give you a few stats regarding how far we’ve come in the few months the forums have been in existence.

Also, before I continue, give your kindest regards to BigPete7978 for his dedication and hard work on the forums. He’s pretty much going at it alone, and he has provided us with a great place for our budding community to flourish.

  • phpbb3-based
  • Friend and foe lists
  • Personal file attachment uploading and management
  • Forum bookmarks
  • Forum subscriptions
  • Draft management
  • Private messaging system with custom rules and folders
  • Per-user board preferences
  • Custom signatures with 400-character limit
  • 200 X 200-pixel avatar dimensions with 97kb size limit
  • Usergroup memberships
  • Prestige and skill-based user ranks and awards
  • 11,062 total posts
  • 1,033 total topics
  • 257 active members
  • 4 Global moderators
  • 1 Admin
Just a final reminder…we’re all very friendly and approachable people here at PlayStation LifeStyle, so don’t be afraid to contact us or join the forums and the fun! See you there!