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The Resistance 2 Collector’s Edition

August 31, 2008Written by Azariah Ellington II

Written by Chris Rah Osiris

Very nice

I found out what every Resistance fan with $79.99 should do! A person with such financial capability should purchase Resistance 2 Collector’s Edition! It is loaded…you get a 5″ Chimera Hybrid with a ‘Bullseye’, a DVD that goes behind the scenes, has some interviews and will have the “Twisted History” video on it as well. This has to sound good to you. Do not forget that you get a sneak peek at the new novel. Sony is really behind this series. The novel is called Resistance: The Gathering Storm. I thought you all would like to know. There is also an exclusive multiplayer skin available to Collector’s Edition purchasers.

Insomniac never ceases to amaze me. They have taken a game that is already poised to sell well and given legitimate value to the Collector’s Edition. I definitely want that figurine. It isn’t an action figure because it will be sitting near the TV, no raiding and pillaging. I enjoy the folks over at Insomniac, so I will love the interviews. Who has ever been upset with receiving a custom skin? I cannot think of anyone either. I am an avid reader. Law school has put a cramp on the pleasure reading. I will have to find some time for the Resistance novel.

The R2 Collector’s Edition is for everyone that loves the series. Newcomers should not hesitate to join in on the party.