Greatest Hits: Can 2 AAA Coexist?

Written by Chris Rah Osiris

Remember when we asked if R2 and Killzone 2 could get along?
Remember when we asked if R2 and Killzone 2 could get along?

This article was written in the early days of PSLS. We were still known as in those days. This was one of the first opinion pieces that I had written for the site. It was a pleasure to write and an even greater pleasure to read what everyone thought about it. Of course we now know that there will not be any direct competition between Resistance 2 and Killzone, but you cannot help but to love remembering the excitement about the prospect of having both games in your hands in a matter of months. To be honest, they are still being released within 3 months of each other. Yes…I am getting both.

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Can 2 AAA Shooters Coexist on the Market???


Much has been said about the PLAYSTATION 3 since it has been released. Critics have often attempted to say that there is a lack of quality titles available for the console. With this in mind the same critics have stated that Sony would be doing itself a disservice if it were to allow the release of Killzone 2 and Resistance 2 within the same quarter. Some have reported that Sony has confirmed plans to do this, but have since been debunked. (See here). My question to this is: What is the problem with releasing 2 AAA shooters in close proximity to each other?


I could start this argument by stating that this was not a problem when Mass Effect and Bioshock were released on another console, but that would be an unnecessary point. Instead I’ll ask you a simple question, if you are gamer and you are presented with a must have game what would you do? I’m guessing you would buy if you are interested. Let me tell you a quick bit about these upcoming titles, and you let me know if they peak your interest?


Resistance 2 as you know will be the sequel to the PS3 launch title Resistance: Fall of Man. It will continue the story of Nathan Hale and will look to improve on all of the things that made the original great, in addition to fixing the things that held the original back. There will be an emphasis on the online aspects of the game as well. There will 64 player death matches and an 8 player online co-op mode. This is in addition to the various community features the game will offer including interactivity with If you played the original, then you know this game is a must have.


Killzone 2 is the 3rd entry in the Killzone series. Not much is currently known about the title other than it is continuing the story of Killzone and you will on the Helghast world, Helghan. You will take the role of Sev and will be able to take advantage of the new “Lean and Peak” cover system. So far all of the footage of this game has been simply amazing. The first entry in this series was a solid title that attempted to push the PS2 to its limits. It was followed by Killzone: Liberation for the PSP, which remains a popular title to this day. The amount of time and money that is being invested by Sony and Guerilla Games would cause one to believe that this will be a great title.


So are you interested? I know I am. Not only am I interested in both titles, I will definitely be purchasing both titles whenever they are released. Both will offer unique experiences that go beyond the gameplay, but extend to the story as well. Something that every shooter cannot say.


Sony would be giving gamers the opportunity to enjoy two great games in a relatively short amount of time. This in addition to silencing those that say that the PS3 doesn’t have must have titles. I already see several titles that I believe are must haves on the PS3, these 2 will only add to that. I’m putting my money aside for this early. Will you be doing the same?