This Week’s Blu-Cast

Written by Chris Rah Osiris
Classics look better in Blu
Classics look better in Blu

This week has a real treat for movie lovers. I proudly present to you, The Godfather Trilogy. I darn near did 4 backflips when this was announced. Now the movie is coming. I cannot wait! Did you guys take my advice and pre-order it?

L.A. Confidential will be out as well. Please get it. I am not endorsing Shrek The Third. It was not for me, but you may like it. Blow puts a nice bow on what is a real gem of a week. That is my humble opinion of course.

As usual, we present the release list courtesy of

Release date
L.A. Confidential Sep 23, 2008
Madagascar Sep 23, 2008
Leatherheads Sep 23, 2008
Canada Leatherheads Sep 23, 2008
Shrek the Third Sep 23, 2008
Deception Sep 23, 2008
Blow Sep 23, 2008
Run Fatboy Run Sep 23, 2008
Re-Cycle Sep 23, 2008
Canada Re-Cycle Sep 23, 2008
America’s Greatest Monuments – Washington D.C. Sep 23, 2008