Thoughts on Scott

Written by Chris Rah Osiris

Scott says that I will be all alone on top someday soon
Scott says that I will be all alone on top someday soon

Thoughts on Scott’s Words

Scott Steinberg told Edge Online that the PS3 will “separate from the herd.” How will the PS3 do this? CHOICE. Now before you lambast this notion, let’s take the time to analyze the type of choices the PS3 allows gamers to make. Heck, we’ll even look at the examples that Scott gave himself.

  1. Blu-Ray or Downloads

    I personally prefer Blu-Rays myself, but there is a growing number of consumers that want to have access to their videos via their PS3 HDD. I won’t lie, it is very convenient. Though the video quality is not on par with Blu-Ray as of yet, it is definitely a feature that allows a PS3 owner to enjoy HD content on their console in a means that he or she may desire. Not to mention that the PS3 is the only console on the market that plays Blu-Rays. Yes, I know you knew that already.
  2. Games

    Sony’s strength has always been the array of titles that were available for the PlayStation brand. This has only been increased due to the advent of downloadable titles via the PS Store. You see titles from developers such as Criterion, Burnout, and Tiki Games, Novastrike. Media Molecule has developed a gem, LittleBigPlanet. Media Molecule is not known as a large developer. On the other hand, you have the titles like Metal Gear Solid 4, Final Fantasy XIII, and the like available for the PS3 as well. Can’t argue against those hard facts.
  3. Hardware

    How is this a choice? The options that developers have at their disposal in creating masterpieces. You saw MGS 4, this hardware is outrageous. The horsepower within the PS3 is without question one of its greatest strengths. We have heard developers complain about the difficulties in programming for it, now we are hearing the virtues of the PS3. Blu-Ray has become an asset and the Cell is providing the opportunity to do things that developers have long dreamed of. No longer do they have to choose if they want to include a feature or part of the game due to a lack of space or strength, it now is up to them to decide if they truly want to put that type of time and effort into the game. That’s choice you can believe in.

Scott did say that there are several big titles to come in the future. His tone really made it seem like 2008 was barely the tip of the iceberg. I love that. Sony is always thinking about tomorrow. My question is, with Heavy Rain, White Knight Story (in the US and Europe hopefully), M.A.G., InFamous, and Killzone 2 coming in 2009, what all does Sony truly have up its sleeve?