Winners of the PSLS Play Create Share Contest

Written by Sev1512

Thanks to everyone that particpated.  I hope you all had fun.  I know I did playing all of your created stages.

And the winner is…

KnaveX – PSLS Presents: Shadowline Infinito

The stage was overall very enjoyable, but what impressed me the most was the amount of time KnaveX put into the platforming aspect of the level.  I also very much enjoyed locating prize bubbles, and the prizes were even good.

Keep up the great work KnaveX, everyone should heart KnaveX as an author, I know I have already.

I will send you your prize via a PSN message later tonight.

Thanks again to all that participated.

SPECIAL THANKS to Traxxer911 for an excellent level.  NyghtcrawleR gets a special mention as well for have a very unique and “lifestyle” orientated level.  Good job guys!

Disclaimer: PlayStation Network Card (Prize) is for the US PlayStation Store ONLY; please have a valid US PlayStation Network account.