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This Week’s Blu-Cast

November 24, 2008Written by Azariah Ellington II

Written by Chris Rah Osiris chrisrahosiris-48
Will Smith is cornering the Blu-Market

Will Smith is cornering the Blu-Market

What do we have here? We have a week full of concerts, a summer hit, and a subpar CGI movie. You can pick out the concerts for yourself. The summer hit is Hancock, a must buy for some, I am one of the some. I love movies with extended footage. The subpar CGI movie is Space Chimps. If you do not remember this movie going to theatres, then you are one of the millions that chose not to watch this movie. I would not be surprised if it looked spectacular in Blu though.

This week also brings Jarhead. I enjoyed this movie when I first saw it on HBO and will be picking up the movie sometime after the holidays. I am extremely broke. If I had to choose one more movie to buy for sure this week, it would be Superman:Doomsday. I love watching Superman and Doomsday go at it. Though some people say that they do not notice the difference for animation in 1080p, I am one of those that love the richer color and the much improved sound.

What are you purchasing this week?

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Release date
Zodiac (Import)Nov 24, 2008
Hancock: UnratedNov 25, 2008
Fred ClausNov 25, 2008
The KingdomNov 25, 2008
Hall & Oates Live at the TroubadorNov 25, 2008
Space ChimpsNov 25, 2008
BecketNov 25, 2008
Jimi Hendrix – Live at WoodstockNov 25, 2008
Meet DaveNov 25, 2008
Walk the Line: Extended Cut (Import)Nov 25, 2008
Action Thriller Starter Pack (Jarhead / The Kingdom)Nov 25, 2008
Ricky Martin Live Black & White TourNov 25, 2008
JarheadNov 25, 2008
Heart: Dreamboat Annie LiveNov 25, 2008