This Week’s Blu-Cast

Written by Chris Rah Osiris chrisrahosiris-48
More Mummy Action
More Mummy Action

I am suffering a hangover from a Home, The Dark Knight, and finals cocktail. Home is being swamped; The Dark Knight has broken Blu-Ray records; and my finals are trying to kill me. (2 down and 2 to go). This week has The Mummy: The Tomb of the Dragon Emperor and the Grindhouse movies. Universal has been doing a great job with the Blu-Ray format so far. I have been holding out on a Mummy purchase until the trilogy was released, I guess this is the week then. Grindhouse was a personal favorite. Death Proof and Planet Terror are movies that beckon the gold 70 low budget titles. Planet Terror was the more enjoyable of the two for me, but I’ll buy both of them.

Criterion movies are being released this week. Movie lovers are definitely rejoicing. Tommy Boy gets the Blu-treatment as well. Old School is getting purchased. (Earmuffs).

What movies are you going to purchase?

The release list is available via

Release date
Mamma Mia! Dec 16, 2008
The Mummy Trilogy Dec 16, 2008
Death Proof Dec 16, 2008
Planet Terror Dec 16, 2008
Old School (Unrated) Dec 16, 2008
The Heartbreak Kid Dec 16, 2008
Hot Rod Dec 16, 2008
8 Mile Dec 16, 2008
Coach Carter Dec 16, 2008
Twenty Thousand Streets Under the Sky (Import) Dec 16, 2008