Media Molecule’s Guide to LBP Publishing (Publishing 101)

Written by stalkingsilence stalkingsilence-48
LBP Publishing 101
LBP Publishing 101

MarkS of Media Molecule just released a tutorial that gives helpful publishing tips for getting your LittleBigPlanet level more attention.  From the obvious (title suggestions) to the very helpful and often forgotten (how to get pictures published with your level and how to best create a badge).

The guys at Media Molecule break down the process into 6 Steps:

  1. The Title
  2. The Badge
  3. The Description
  4. The Location
  5. Uploading Pictures
  6. Advertise

I was hoping to see an update to the way you find other people’s levels, but this will work for now – tips to better use the system in place.  Go check out their full write-up on the Media Molecule blog!

Source: Media Molecule