PSLS Contest: New Year, New Banners [UPDATE]

Written by John linuxgurulifestyle3-48

The New Year is upon us! 2009 will hopefully bring good tidings to us all, and if there’s change, we hope for the best kind.

As a part of PSLS’ entering into 2009, we are having a site banner contest.

Here are the simple rules:

– The image must be 760 pixels wide X 200 pixels high @ 72 dpi

– Image must be in either jpg, gif, or png format

– Use common sense. Nothing offensive in any way please.

– Image must include the words “PlayStation LifeStyle” in some way, shape, or form

– Image must have 5-pixel-thick light-grey bottom border to fit with our wordpress theme

– Contest ends January 31st

You may submit banners to, or you may register with our forums @ and submit your banner(s) to this thread HERE.


1st Place: $20 PSN Card

Runner-up: PSN Voucher for Everyday Shooter


We encourage you to submit more than one banner to increase your chances of winning.  If you would like to get an idea for a banner, or to see what banners we already have so that you can submit something unique, you can see all of our banners HERE, or visit