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This Week’s Blu-Cast

January 4, 2009Written by Azariah Ellington II

Written by Chris Rah Osiris chrisrahosiris-48

Hop on the Blu-Train

Hop on the Blu-Train

The holiday season has wrapped up and the studios have decided to deliver several releases the first Tuesday of 09. This week has a nice selection of imports and some classics. That is without mentioning the new releases that will be making their home theater debut this week as well. The Last Emporer and Caligula will certainly be titles that movie enthusiasts will pick up this week. The Last Emporer is an amazing movie. I cannot imagine how amazing this movie will look on Blu. The last time I watched the movie I was 11 and it was on VHS. (It has been a long time coming).

The new releases this week are a great mix. Pineapple Express is a must buy. Appaloosa is a western. I am sure that there are western fans out there other than myself. Righteous Kill has Pacino and Deniro. If you like those two, you will like the movie. Babylon AD slipped past me. I never saw it. So feel free to tell me if it is worth our time.

Release dates are courtesy of

Release date
Pineapple ExpressJan 06, 2009
Righteous KillJan 06, 2009
Bangkok DangerousJan 06, 2009
Babylon A.D.Jan 06, 2009
AppaloosaJan 06, 2009
Dexter: The Complete First SeasonJan 06, 2009
The Last Legion (Import)Jan 06, 2009
The WacknessJan 06, 2009
Opium & The Kung Fu Master (Hung kuen dai see)Jan 06, 2009
Disaster MovieJan 06, 2009
The Absolute Best of Ghost HuntersJan 06, 2009
Miss Potter (Import)Jan 06, 2009
Life Gamble (Sheng si dou)Jan 06, 2009
Ping Pong PlayaJan 06, 2009
An American CarolJan 06, 2009

What are you picking up this week?