Upcoming Home update adds RedBull, plus more

Written by Phoenix8387 phoenix8387

CydoniaX, the PlayStation Home Community Manager, has today announced that Home will be receiving another update this week.  The highlight of the update is the much anticipated RedBull Island, which means that we can all now enjoy our very own RedBull Air Races with promises of more exciting content to come from the RedBull Island.

Also added in the update are more furniture and clothing options, though at a price.  Ligne Roset and Diesel will both be receiving their own unique storefronts in the Home Mall.  For those of you us who are too cheap to buy additional clothing, SCEA is adding in two additional shirts themed in the favor of Resident Evil: Degeneration.

Additionally, there was a plug for some more free (sort of) items coming.  Though these do require a pre-order of Killzone 2 from Amazon.com, but will earn you the privledge to have the ISA Uniform and Helgast Assault Trooper armour.  If you are interested in this sweet deal you can pre-order the game HERE from Amazon.com.  The codes for these items will be sent out soon after Killzone 2 launches late next month.

Source: PS.Blog