Get your custom PlayStation LifeStyle skateboard!

Written by stalkingsilence stalkingsilence-48
We're in Skate 2!
We're in Skate 2!

To earn one of the trophies in Skate 2, you have to add a custom graphic to your skater or your skateboard.  Why not make it a graphic that represents your favorite gaming site – PlayStation LifeStyle.  Now you can rock PSLS gear in the virtual world (because some of our readers still don’t know you can wear PSLS attire in the real world).

can you make a better PSLS graphic?
Community challenge: can you make a better PSLS graphic?

Here’s a challenge – make a better PSLS logo for use in-game!  I haven’t imported these newest logos in yet, but I will try to get on and take some screen captures of PlayStation LifeStyle tripping and falling, smashing into rails, moving objects to block the computer before starting challenges, etc. (that is what you’re supposed to do in this game, right?)

Make sure your EA Account and PSN persona are properly linked, then head to the Skate 2 website’s graphic creator page for PSLS:

If you haven’t made the leap and you need to know if it’s worth the purchase, you can look forward to our full review of Skate 2 – which we will be publishing soon!