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Rumor: SOCOM: Confrontation, Major DLC Reporting for Duty

February 5, 2009Written by Richard Allen

Written by Richard richardallenavatar1


There has been no official annoucement from Slant Six, but according to inside sources who are friendly with Ripten, SOCOM: Confrontation will be recieving a smorgasbord of DLC.  Considering the extremely rocky start SOCOM has had on the PS3, this doesn’t sound that far fetched.

Rumored DLC Content:

  • 5 New Maps
    • 3 Classic Remakes
    • 2 Brand New
  • New Weapons as well as New Attachments
  • New Character Models (about time)
  • Turrets will be added to maps
  • 2 New Game modes for the new maps
  • Russian Faction

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