SOCOM 4 Drops Into Battle This April

The SOCOM series has always had a strong fan base, but when SOCOM: Confrontation hit in 2008, it pretty much flopped on arrival. Thankfully, Zipper Interactive is taking back the series’ reigns for SOCOM 4, and today we finally find out when we will get the chance to play it.

Originally set to launch with the Move last holiday season, it was unfortunately delayed to an unknown date. After a few months with no new information, Zipper Interactive has finally broken the silence. Jeremy Dunham, Sr. Community Manager at Zipper Interactive, stopped by the Official PSBlog today, and announced that SOCOM 4 will be releasing in North America on April 19th.

Not simply satisfied with just announcing a release date, Zipper also dropped off a brand new multiplayer trailer. What makes this trailer so special, is the fact it is all in-game footage.

See full trailer below:

Zipper also announced that if you’re a veteran to the SOCOM series, then plan on preordering SOCOM 4 from GameStop, since you’ll get exclusive access to the “Abandoned” Map!

Keep your eyes on PlayStation LifeStyle, as Zipper has promised plenty of new information on SOCOM 4 as we approach the release date.