This Week’s Blu-Cast

Written by Azariah chrisrahosiris-48
That is one nice cover
That is one nice cover

It is Valentine’s week and we need to see if Blu-Rays are getting dished a healthy dose of love. ‘Love’ being a nice assortment of new releases on the format. There certainly are a few that warrant a purchase: Boondock Saints, Donnie Darko, and Raging Bull. The new releases this week are a mixed bag. I did not see Miracle at St. Anna or Soul Men so I really cannot comment on the movies. This is definitely a catalog heavy week.

Pleasant surprises this week are A Time to Kill and The Pelican Brief. Both of those were very good books and movies. Mystic River was another movie that I would have never seen if my mother hadn’t asked me to watch it with her. I am going to have to thank her for that. She always picks good movies. Unfortunately for me they released Frozen River and not Mystic River. Another DBZ release is good for anime fans. While I mention it, there is currently a sale over at Amazon for The Ultimate Avengers Collection. You can get both of them for 8.99. Figured I’d pass that along.

Hope that you have a chance to buy a few Blus this week. I personally have to spend all of my money on Valentine’s Day…and the Sonic Sega Collection. 😉

The links will take you to’s page for each title. As the title is reviewed, that information is added to the page. I find this information to be very helpful when I am making a blind purchase. Hopefully it will assist you as well.

Release date
The Boondock Saints Feb 10, 2009
W. Feb 10, 2009
Miracle at St. Anna Feb 10, 2009
Nights in Rodanthe Feb 10, 2009
Raging Bull Feb 10, 2009
My Name is Bruce Feb 10, 2009
Pretty Woman Feb 10, 2009
A History of Violence Feb 10, 2009
Chocolate Feb 10, 2009
Frozen River Feb 10, 2009
The Pelican Brief Feb 10, 2009
Soul Men Feb 10, 2009
Doom (Unrated) Feb 10, 2009
A Time to Kill Feb 10, 2009
The Rundown Feb 10, 2009
Ping Pong Playa Feb 10, 2009
The Way of War Feb 10, 2009
Connected (Import) Feb 10, 2009