Become a Ninja on Thursday, Win Stuff on Friday!

Written by Paulmichael temprix

Walk like the dark wind in Home.
Walk like the dark wind in Home.

As a recent PS.Blog post can attest, there are a lot of changes coming to PlayStation Home slowly but surely. The Red Bull space got leaderboards, Resident Evil 5 will be featuring Game Launching from within Home, and Street Fighter IV costumes will be available for your Home avatar, many of which can be earned by playing through the game! But the most important part of this article is the upcoming availability of ninja and pirate costumes, which you can use on Friday to potentially win SOCOM or Warhawk vouchers!

A new “Gamer’s Lounge” is set to launch this week, which is a hang-out that I imagine would be similar to what is already present in the Japanese Home. In celebration of that, a little contest is going to be held. On Friday the 13th, the first instance of the new lounge to fill up with either all ninjas or people dressed in all black colors shall be rewarded. Those inside the winning instances will receive a voucher for either SOCOM or Warhawk. Enticing! Home has indeed become an online contest location for the time being, I know I’m going to try and score a SOCOM voucher!

Source: PS.Blog

PS: Don’t ask me what “dark wind” is; it’s silent, invisible, and ninja-like!