Killzone 2 DLC Recon Report (Rumor)

Written by Adam 22610wolf1

Talk to this friendly character for a Demo Key.

Some more details on what the contents of the Killzone 2 DLC is floating around the net.  Unfortunately noone is claiming responsibility as a source, so this is definitely in the rumor department.  None of this really sound like it’s outside the realm of possibilities though.

  • Not all DLC will be free. There will be paid and free.
  • The DLC is in the form of Maps, modes, ect.
  • Guerrilla Games is working on an in-game store like Metal Gear Solid 4. Here you can earn points to buy clothes and upgrade your character.
  • Retro maps from Killzone 1 will make their way into Killzone 2.

As of press time, Sony was unavailable for comment.