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Three God of War III Behind the Scenes Interviews

February 16, 2009Written by Richard Allen

Written by Richard richardallenavatar1

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Director Interview – Stig Asmussen

GameTrailers has 3 interview videos of some behind the scenes info on God of War III. Stig Asmussen speaks of the changes in the game engine and how the PS3 has opened new possibilities that could have never been considered.

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Design Director Interview – Todd Papy

Todd Papy covers the game pacing and the secondary weaponry as well as creating battles that are truly epic in scale.

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Producer Interview – Steve Caterson

Steve Caterson reiterates that the footage was real time and in game assets using the PS3 engine.  He also briefly mentions the anticipated sex mini game. He also elaborates on some of the games raw mechanics including: ridable characters, realistic AI, puzzles.