March Into Battle and Come Out With a KZ2 Rifle Replica

Written by Paulmichael temprix


Full-sized replicas of videogame weapons are extremely rare, but totally awesome. All Killzone 2 owners will be given a chance to win one of 14 StA52 replicas. Each day from March 1st to the 14th will reward one lucky gamer based on results from various categories. See all the categories after the break!

Day 1: Max number of Helghast killed by a single grenade

Day 2: Total Number of helmets popped

Day 3: Least time taken to kill Radec

Day 4: Total amount of Boltgun Kills

Day 5: Most Assassinations

Day 6: Highest Kill ratio

Day 7: Most revives performed

Day 8: Highest All Weapon Accuracy

Day 9: Most spawn deploys

Day 10: Best sniper Accuracy

Day 11: Highest killingspree

Day 12: Most headshots

Day 13: Most Games Lost

Day 14: Most games played as ISA

Looks like Days 3 and 13 are for those who aren’t very good at the online portion, which is a nice touch.

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