Japan To Receive Another New Home Space

Written by Paulmichael temprix

Probably won't see this stateside anytime soon...
Probably won't see this stateside anytime soon...

The Japanese version of PS Home beta is pretty well-known for receiving Home Spaces early and relatively often. This time around, it is an Irem space. Irem is famous for the R-Type series of games. It is dubbed the “Irem Plaza” and is meant to look like traditional Japanese festivals.

The Space will include things to buy, mini-games (looks like a carnival-style shooting game is pictured above) and even an area to practice bonodori, a form of dance common across Japan, typically performed in the summer. Since so much of this space looks to be Japanese-related, don’t expect it to come state/EU-side. That isn’t to say we’re going to be lacking in Spaces, though.