Will Hothead bring Braid to the PS3? (Rumor)

featurebraidonpsnrumorRecently Hothead games have acquired distribution rights for Braid, bringing the unique platformer to PC and Mac.  ThePlayStationNetwork speculates that this move may open the door for Braid on the  PlayStation 3. Before you blast this as pure Sony fanboyism, it’s worth listening to their reasoning.  With the economy in turmoil, it’s possible Hothead may expand distribution to the PSN.

Braid has been lauded in the press many times over. It’s an action-puzzle game based on manipulating time. With the original objective of saving the princess. Each level provides new game play opportunities as time acts differently as you progress. Word on the street is the last level is mind-blowing.

I was initially pretty skeptical about Braid, and it took me some time to get past the game’s severe melancholy. I eventually found the game’s story and the way it plays against the gameplay to be academically interesting, and the game’s final payoff is terrific, but it’s the ingenuity of the mechanics that makes Braid so engaging.

– Giant Bomb

The aesthetic of Braid really seems more at home on the PS3. It dovetails nicely with Flow, Flower, Echochrome, even Cuboid.

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