LittleBig Contra Relives Konami’s Classic Franchise

contra-lbpSome enterprising users of NeoGAF have been hard at work creating LittleBigPlanet levels based on the classic game Contra. From the looks of the video they have done a fantastic job. The team has painstakingly recreated what appears to be every stage from the original Contra, including the ground-breaking “3D” stages.

The seven man team has been hard at work on homage for some time. The thread was started January 20th. If you are a regular LBP player, check it out. If you haven’t played in a while, this is a great reason to. Check out the trailer and details below.

LittleBig Contra


Stages & Team

There are 8 stages in total and 7 authors on the LBC team (click for level layouts):

  1. Jungle: MisterAnderson – PSN: Leonidas2123
  2. Base 1: Orz- PSN: SaitoHalifax
  3. Waterfall: PSN – RyanardoDavinci
  4. Base 2: Orz- PSN: SaitoHalifax
  5. Snowfield: PSN: NinjaMicWZ
  6. Energy Zone: El_Beefo – PSN: El_Beefo
  7. Hangar: Jaeyden – PSN: Jaeyden
  8. Alien’s Lair: Donkey Show – PSN: gevurah22