UPDATE: Newly Wed Reality TV Show Focuses on Game Addicts (True Life)

March 26, 2009Written by Richard Allen


MTV plans to set the bar even lower on their network.  It appears they want to showcase newly weds in a reality TV show or perhaps a documentary.  It wasn’t bad enough I have to listen to wives, girlfriends and mothers gripe in the background on my headsets, now they will invade everyone’s TV!

Does your fiance or spouse spend more time with his/her videogames than you? MTV is seeking newly married or soon-to-be-married couples where one partner’s videogame addiction is straining their marriage. WoW, XBox, Playstation, HALO getting in the way of your relationship? Want to share your story?

UPDATE: My source tells me this is for an episode of True Life, there was a bunch of other postings for True Life episodes that read similarly. Should be interesting none the less.