Deals of the Week: 04/05/09 – 4/11/09

April 5, 2009Written by Adam Wolfe


Another week another group of game deals. This week is looking a little better then the last few. There are two different PS3 bundle deals and if you do not mind shopping online Amazon has a ton of games on sale.

Best Buy

Lego Indiana Jones $19.99

The Wheelman $39.99

Buy any PS3 system and game priced $59.99 or higher, an d get a free Dual Shock 3.


Resident Evil 5 $53.99

PS3 Dualshock 3 $42.99

PS3 Blu-Ray Disc Remote $19.99

Little Big Planet $44.99

MGS4 $39.99

NBA 2K9 $36.99

Fear 2: Project Origin $43.99

MLB 2K9 $44.99

Spider Man: Web of Shadows $36.99

Grid $46.99

Call of Duty: World at War $49.99

PS3 Bluetooth Headset $44.99

Fallout 3 $53.99

Killzone 2 $52.99

Madden NFL 09 $36.99

Motorstorm: Pacific Rift $52.99

Guitar Hero: World Tour Bundle $139.97

Ferrari Challenge $17.99

Condemned 2: Bloodshot $12.99

Lego Batman $36.99

Legendary $19.97


Valkyria Chronicles $29.99

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PS3 Greatest Hits 80gig Bundle comes with Motorstrom and Resistance: Fall of man $399.99

Also for our PSP fans out there check out these hot deals.

Best Buy

Lego Batman $19.99


Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories $14.99

Sega Genesis Collection $15.99

Daxter $14.99

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories $14.99

Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow $12.79

Wipeout Pulse $22.49

Game Stop

Buy a PSP get Resistance: Retribution or MLB 09: The Show for $19.99

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Any of these games as well as games not on sale that you may be on the fence about be sure to check out our review section to see what we thought of the game.

As always post any deals I may have missed in the comment section or visit our forum and post here.