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Living the LifeStyle: Weekly Community Update 04/06/09

April 6, 2009Written by Joseph Peterson


Welcome to a new weekly community update for the PlayStation LifeStyle forums.  Every week I will select various threads that contributed to the community activity on the forums.  Chosen posts are informative and spur discussion so the rest of the community is able to participate or gain insight on the topic.

This Weeks Featured Forums Posts:

  • Voyou San’s offered some details on the recently released Firmware 2.7. LINK
  • Jaxx377’s post on the MAG screenshots that have been all over the net and gaining attention. LINK
  • PANDAMONIUM’s discussion about Tales of Vesperia heading to the PS3. LINK
  • Jaxx377’s thread on the “Big Announcement” that came from Sony on Tuesday, March 31st. LINK

Thank you everyone for your participation on the forums, and keep posting.