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New Evidence of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Rerelease

April 18, 2009Written by Draisey


Marvel vs. Capcom 2, which is probably one of the most sought-after releases in the Fighting Genre, has been rumored to be scheduled for release on PSN and Xbox Live for quite some time now. But the rumor recently gained traction when U.K. retailer ShopTo.Net listed a Marvel vs. Capcom Arcade Stick for PS3 and Xbox 360. But what actually got the attention of the gaming community is that the product was swiftly taken down. And if you look at the header, you can still see the name of the product that was deleted.

Also, Xbox Achievements for Marvel vs. Capcom 2 are available for viewing here at Xbox360Achievements. Though still categorized as a rumor, it looks like Capcom has been listening to its fanbase and aims to give millions of gamers to chance to purchase this awesome fighting game.

Whether it’s an HD Remix or simply an outright rerelease though has yet to be determined. We’ll keep you updated as the story develops.

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