Gobble Up Some Friends in Noby Noby Boy


Like Noby Noby Boy, but wish it had the already-mentioned multiplayer mode? Well apparently, your wait is almost over! Namco Bandai Games’ Keita Takahashi recently dropped by the PS Blog to let us know that a multiplayer patch is “almost there.” Takahashi had this to say about the new game mode:

“In Single player, the game allows BOY to eat another BOY as well as people and animals, etc. In Multiplayer though, eating everything has some funny consequences. For example, if the head of a 1P BOY eats the rear of a 2P BOY, the two players end up with a combined BOY.

Head: Player 1

Rear: Player 2

This could be very confusing because one BOY is controlled by two players. Moreover, the fact that the game is compatible for up to four players could bring even more chaotic situations. Doesn’t that sound fun?”

No word on a release date, nor if this multiplayer mode will be offline-only or include online functionality (in this post, anyway; it was revealed to be offline back at GDC). But rest assured, as soon as we know those details you can read about it here! Check out the latest teaser trailer below, and let us know what you think!