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Insomniac Home Spaces Under Construction

April 28, 2009Written by Joseph Peterson


It looks as if we are in for a treat with upcoming Home Spaces from Insomniac Games. This time from the popular franchises of both Ratchet & Clank and Resistance. Here is what CydoniaX had to say over at the offical PS Forums.

Hi Home community members,

I need your ideas! We’re in talks with Insomniac to create these spaces for Home and they would really like to know what YOU want to see in there.

Think: virtual items related to the space, unlockables for Home when playing the game, interactive elements, space features.

Go nuts! The more specific your ideas the better, like if you want to see Chimera costumes or Nathan Hale’s clothing, let us know!

I’ll be compiling your feedback for the Insomniac developers.