The PAIN Stops with Next Idol Minds’ Game


Idol Minds, the makers of PAIN, are hard at work on their next game according to an update on the PAIN blog. But what’s surprising is that the developer isn’t working on a sequel to their hit title.

The post, entitled “Going For Gold”, details the new Sore Sports add-on for Idol Minds downloadable PSN game, PAIN. For anyone that is interested, the add-on is to hit May 16th. Though new PAIN content is always a blast, it was a comment in the post that sparked the interest in gamers.

“Remember that other project that we might work on with [Idol Minds]?… It’s too early to give any details other than to say it’s NOT a PAIN 2, and it WILL stink of Idol Minds. …it’s the Idol Minds team that is responsible for all the tom-foolery and mularky that is PAIN, so expect even more in their next project.”

The title will seem to feature the “tom-foolery and mularky” of PAIN, so the game seems to be a shoe-in as of now. Check on PlayStation LifeStyle for all the information on this new mysterious title.