Dirt 2 Uses Killzone 2 Rendering Technique


[shal]Codemasters[/shal] has released a brand new trailer for their offroad racer,[shal] Dirt 2 [/shal]. This exciting video takes you behind the scenes, showing off some of the game’s impressive physics and sound work. The executive producer of the game goes fairly in depth as to what improvements have been made since the first Dirt installment. 

One interesting piece of information is revealed near the end, and it has to do with a technology that [shal]Guerrilla Games[/shal] has been showing off in [shal]Killzone 2[/shal], which is [shal]deferred rendering[/shal]. It’s one of the reasons the lighting quality in this game is so impressive. Check out the video, and let us know what you think!